September 7, 2014

11:00 am — 5:00 pm


11:30-12:15PM KCHUNG TV Presents: Family Day – Art Vandals and Magic Hour with host Brandt Wrightsman
KCHUNGtv does Hammer Family Day on the last day of Made in LA. Special guest hosts will involve young museum patrons and guide them in taking part in the vandalization of the set as well as other surprises.

12:30-1:15PM RARE AIR – Christina Gubala
Rare Air: Lady C and friends, DJs Ill Evans, Victoria, and Diva, on the turntables, bidding a musical farewell to MiLA 2014. Visual accompaniment from the esteemed Miko Revereza!

1:30- 2:15PM LONESOME WHISTLE – Liz Tooley & George Jensen
I was raised in a very chaotic and unusual environment. I have just started a show on KCHUNG to share stories with a guest and have them share a story in turn. I’ve always felt that the story teller in me is much more confident than the writer which is what makes this show work so well.

2:30-3:00PM Everything Must Go! The Game Show (Season Finale) – Keith Rocka Knittel
Hosted by Keith Rocka Knittel, EMG!TGS(SF) lets audience participants face off in games of chance, trivia contest, and physical challenges in an attempt to win prizes and fame. Contestants in EMG!TGS(SF) will be competing for amazing prizes that are actual pieces of history- fragments of THE KCHUNGtv SET (as featured in MiLA2014)! Everyone is encouraged to participate, and everyone (theoretically) is a winner.

3:15-4:00PM KCHUNG TV Recap – Kchung TV News Crew with Producer Brandt Wrightsman
KCHUNG TV News Crew reports on KCHUNG TV’s summer programming for Made in L.A. 2014


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