June 28, 2014

12:30 pm — 4:00 pm

THE TALKING SHOW! – Steve Kado and Nicholas Miller
A show dedicated to talking.

Julius Smack’s Musical Vocalizations is a performance revue that uses popular media to convey political statements about climate change, social justice, and physical well-being. In a variety of medias spanning from video installation to song, Peter Hernandez performs as Julius Smack, a live, omniscient statue. In his Musical Vocalizations, all pop media is game. Pop songs are replicated as new age ballads and radio talk show hosts become techno samples.

THE PEOPLE – Matthew Timmons & Ben White
On stage two people, Ben White and Mathew Timmons, each behind a lectern with microphones will present a talk alongside a projected set of images. The individual talks function as performance lectures. Each person will act as both host and guest for the other person. The entire performance is rehearsed to a set script and time limit.

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