June 21, 2014

12:30 pm — 5:00 pm

THE FORUM – Lewis M.
The Forum is a 15 minute breakdown of the weeks best boxing video clips and rants from the comments section from the internet’s most popular boxing fan forums. Hosted by LewisM of Cypher Boxing on KCHUNG Radio.

A smoldering volcano, a sad cactus, a naked man, the living rom plays chess against itself. Sphincter on location, please report back! This is not one of those sit-coms with only one actor.

COSPLAY FASHION SHOW – Johnnie Jungleguts
For this cosplay fashion show we want to see all the great, wild, and outrageous cosplay efforts in LA!

NOOOOOOOOOO TV – John Bertle and Guan Rong
Nooooooo TV is an experimental performative talk show. With a dklsajnfgkjai overtone, between two friends-John and Guan and occasionally with other guests, Nooooooo TV uncovers and exchanges various ideas on friendship, relationships, emotion, arts, music, and much more. Nooooooo is a spirited gesture, which desires to bring not only knowledge and information, but also performance elements, expressions, personal experiences and experiments, and the arts into television tradition, giving viewers space for vast imaginations coming to play.

KCHUNG TV Production Crew
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Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
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Video Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Luke Fischbeck, Gabie Strong
Camera 1: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 2: Dalton
PA: Michael Delaney
Kchung station managers: Gabie Strong, John Burtle

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