June 15, 2014

12:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Everything Must Go! – Keith Rocka
“Everything Must Go!” is a 30 minute game show hosted by Keith Rocka pitting five contestants against each other to win the ultimate prize of some of Keith’s personal belongings.

Comedy Hour – Ken Ehrlich
An hour long comedy hour hosted by Ken Ehrlich with Emily Joyce, Gary Cannone, Nick Lowe, Rosten Woo and special guests.

OH NO YOU DI’NT- Touch Touch Publishing
Video by Juliet Small Ernst. Music by Rhan Small Ernst.

ORANGE – Paul Pescador
As the next version of the Color Project, Pescador will develop a thirty minute performance which takes on the moments when one is completely alone: the shower, sitting in traffic, and working in one’s office. Through gestural movements and brightly colored materials, the perform focuses on the banality humor and melancholy of these moments.

VAJAMMIN AT THE HAMMER – Chrysanthe Oltmann
Vajammin at the Hammer – Everyone’s favorite Sunday afternoon talk show! Featuring an opening womonologue, KCHUNG trivia and dreams of utopia, all brought to you by the Jersey jokestress herself, Chrysanthe O, and Winona, her trusted sidekick. A fallopianutopia production.

ARTTRAX presents COOL WORLD PARTY LA with special guests HOMEGIRL
A collaborative and improvisational talk show, live concert, DJ set and party.

KCHUNG TV Production Crew
Creative Directors: Kchung Community Members
Video Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler
Field producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: John Lewis, Keith Rocka Knittel, Gabie Strong
Camera 1: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 2: Alissa White
Station Managers: Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh, John Burtle, Keith Rocka Knittel
PA: Alissa White


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