July 26, 2014

12:30 pm — 5:00 pm


This is an experiment in sonic feedback set against visual dissonance. Features videos and camera work by John Pearson, with sounds by Ted Byrnes, Aisling Cormack, Helga Fassonaki, Matthew Hebert, Greg Lenczycki, Jorge Martin, RJ Russell, Andrew Scott, Jared Stanley, Gabie Strong. Live video production by Jens Jonason, Luke Fischbeck and Margie Schnibbe.

1:45-2:15PM POWER MALLET – Luke Fischbeck with Sarah Rara, Ron Rege
Power mallet is exploring things hitting other things. sounds and materials in time.

2:30-3:00PM GIRLS TALK BOYS – Margie Schnibbe with CALMX, Gregory Barnett & Tyler Knight
Margie and CALMX explore the tropes of contemporary dating with an emphasis on the experiences of older women and younger men. Margie will appear live in the studio with adult film start Tyler Knight and performance artist Gregory Barnett. CALMX will participate remotely from NYC via iPhone.

3:15-3:45PM OUT OF THIS WORLD – Adam Taylor
With special guests


KCHUNG TV Production Crew
Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Set Designer: Anna Ialeggio
Video Producers: Jens Jonason, Luke Fischbeck, Michal Kamran, Margie Schnibbe, Gabie Strong
Sound: Jorge Martin, Greg Lenczycki, Michal Kamran
Cameras: Margie Schnibbe, Michal Kamran
PA: John Bernier

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