July 19, 2014

12:30 pm — 5:00 pm

12:30-1:00PM PSYCHIC FRIENDS – Kate Gilbert & Oscar Santos
Oscar Santos (of Sister Mantos) and Kate Gilbert (The New Age Lesbian Oracle) tell psychic stories, psychically interview each other and/or rant about crystals and haunted objects.

1:15-1:30P FISH SENSE – Sam Rowell & Tim Leanse
Fish Sense is an interview show. Our host is a shark — underwater — who poses questions to human guests in the KCHUNG TV studio. Discussion topics range from the (mis)representation of sharks in popular culture and the importance of sharks and shark awareness to the continued existence of the human race. On occasion, a guest may join the host underwater for an “in-depth” interview.

1:45-2:00PM PERFORMING ASPEN – Ali Prosch & Evan Walsh
Ali Prosch and Evan Walsh will reimagine Structural Play #3, a performance originally created by Brian O’ Doherty (aka Patrick Ireland). O’Doherty’s Structural Plays examine the performativity of language, anti theatre and identity play through a series of performances that implement mathematics and choreographed movement upon a uniform grid. Ali Prosch and Evan Walsh will appropriate a variety of elements from Structural Play #3, and modify it to produce a new playful iteration for KChung TV.

2:15-2:30PM HEALTHY – Erin Weber
Healing show with yoga and different modality topics. Kinda funny but also serious and informative.

2:45-3:15PM S3TV – George Jensen
Suspect 3 presents music videos and taped interviews with artists. He will introduce each one as the host and additionally, will have a live guest!

3:30-4:00PM SUBJECT vs. OBJECT #1 – Yelena Zhelezov
A staging of 2 diorama versions of episode 1: the same conversation- based relationship/romantic/problematic text exchange. A conversation with Jungian analyst to follow.

KCHUNG TV Production Crew
Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Set Designer: Anna Ialeggio
Video Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Solomon Bothwell
Camera 1: Michal Kamran
Camera 2: Maya Gingery
Camera 3: Paul Carter
Station managers: Luke Fischbeck, Margie Schnibbe
PA: Ryan Archambault, Aarum Alatorre

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