July 6, 2014

12:30 pm — 5:00 pm

GINGER SNAPS – Christy Roberts & Annie Nieman
Two Millennial cisgendered, queerish, female redheaded artists/pop stars/theorists/comedians discuss the news and gossip of the art world (and the world in general), conduct interviews, and include comedic segments. This would be similar to The View, Ellen, Chelsea Handler etc., except with the personalities of Broad City and content that is Culture Industry specific.

Slam Dunx the Radio Show goes full visual in living color, bringing basketball into the art world hard. Part talk show, part psychedelic party, the 15 minute show will air in 3 parts over the course of the residency, touching on UCLA basketball, NBA basketball, and basketball from abroad/the future!

A few videos from Jennifer Moon

HEALING LIGHT COMFORT ZONE – Ian James & Meredith Carter
HLCZ Variety Show will be a new age performance and call-in show with past guests of the HLCZ including Iasos, JD Emmanuel, Kat Epple, Dick Sutphen (all via skype with effects), Meredith Carter live-in studio and others.

WE OUT HAIR! – Priscilla Brinshot
Talk show takes place in a hair salon in space. Guests who drop by are also customers who get their hair done at this one stop beauty shop. Target audience are guys and gals of all age ranges from stay at home moms to after school Oprah hour teens that just wanna learn how to chop that straight bang, see someone eat a whole bag of hot cheetos in 10 seconds, talk space smack, and meet some weird out of this world glam characters.

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Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
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Camera 1: Susan Kemp
Camera 2: Margie Schnibbe
Station manager: Evan Walsh
PA: Lewis Bernier

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