August 16, 2014

12:30 pm — 5:00 pm

12:30-1:30PM LATE NIGHT WITH ADVENTURES WITHIN Jennifer Moon & Robert Watkins
Late Night with Adventures Within is hosted by Jennifer Moon and Robert Watkins with special guests, Michael Blomsterberg and Michael Ned Holte.

1:45-2:45PM 120 MINUTES OF SODOM Eugene Kotlyarenko & Brent Cowley
Riffing off the classic MTV show “120 Minutes,” the hosts of Chinese Rocks Radio will VJ a zonked-out, buzz-y, alternative music nightmare – replete with lost treasures and no manners.

3:00-3:30PM ETERNAL TELETHON: 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Adrian Tenney, Margie Schnibbie, Miggie Wong, Curt Gambetta, Johnnie JungleGuts, John Burtle, and Jen Bruce.
The Eternal Telethon is an ongoing series of webcasts that raise support for the creation of an artist retirement home at the Salton Sea. The Eternal Telethon functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself. For more information check out

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